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Styled in Italy
Crafted in India

Golchee was conceived when the founding members at Golchee realized that there is a need for antimicrobial leather that is sturdy and beautiful and can be used to create products that appeal to people globally with modern and contemporary aesthetics. With innovation at its core, Golchee has established itself as a brand that not just creates products that are designed by the people at the top of the fashion industry but also establishes a goal post for everyone to follow in terms of innovation in the leather industry.

Our Story

A Little Bit About Our Leather

On our quest to create an antimicrobial leather we at Golchee with deliberate research and development successfully created a leather which is resilient towards the infection causing microbes. A leather we proudly call Golchee Leather.

Golchee leather is made from the top grain of rawhide which unlike genuine leather is of best quality and most durable leather out there. We at Golchee realised that there is a gap in leather lifestyle.


About Our Products

Inline with our philosophy of striving for the best, Our products are meticulously designed in Italy- the fashion capital of the world where Italian designers design the accessories that are loved by people globally, by the Italian designers who are at the top of the fashion industry. After the accessories are designed, our procurement team sources the 1st grade top grain leather which is just 13% of all leather out there making it the most desirable type of leather used only in creating top quality products. After the raw hide selection